Temperature controlled transports

Tempcon Group are specialists in temperature controlled transport. We help you tailor a customized solution that optimally meets your specific needs and specifications.

Warehouse & Terminal

In Tempcon Group's warehouses and terminals, your goods are in safe hands. The goods are handled and stored in premises that comply with the latest legislation and the most stringent requirements for efficiency, hygiene and safety.

Constantly moving forward

At Tommy Nordbergh åkeri, our foremost driving force has always been the need to develop. That driving force, together with the ability to see the opportunities both today and in the future, has led us to become one of Sweden’s leading transport and logistics companies. A strength that we have now brought with us into The Tempcon Group.

Together with our 450 committed employees, we deliver high-quality services throughout the entire logistics sector. From local distribution to long-distance traffic with terminals and warehouses all around Sweden, we always strive, together with our customers, to find complete optimised solutions based on their unique business. We are convinced that mutual commitment and long-term relationships create the best results for all parties.

We at Tommy Nordbergh åkeri conduct many different types of logistics undertakings, however our core business is in temperate food transports. From the cold to the warm. With our own modern fleet of vehicles, we have full control over the entire flow and are thus always able to offer flexible solutions combined with the highest level of service.

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Environment and sustainability, a matter of the heart

For us at Tommy Nordbergh åkeri, sustainability has always been one of our guiding keywords. The combination of transport and the environment is a major challenge for everyone in the industry and we are convinced that it is a great competitive advantage to be at the forefront of technological development with these issues in focus. That is why we work both strategically and operationally to be able to constantly reduce our environmental impact. We do this, for example, by using renewable and fossil-free fuels at the same time as we optimise the load on our vehicles to reduce empty miles. With committed employees and a modern vehicle fleet, we offer and deliver logistics services with the least possible environmental impact whilst exceeding customers’ expectations.

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Head office Hjärnarp

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Whistleblower channel

HERE you will find information about our whistleblower channel and how we handle whistleblower matters. You can also submit a case via the link HERE.